IAD: The Dacians

Even in the secret world of the Lore, the Dacian Vampires are considered by many to be nothing more than myth and legend.  Existing for centuries in isolation behind their shrouding mist, the Dacians are creatures of immense power, icy logic – and unequaled passions.


This is the first book of the IAD spin off series, The Dacians, called  Shadow’s Claim.

Shadow’s Claim features Prince Trehan, a ruthless master assassin who will do anything to possess Bettina, his beautiful Sorceress mate, even compete for her hand in a blood-sport tournament—to the death.


Trehan Daciano, known as the Prince of Shadows, has spent his life serving his people, striking in the night, quietly executing any threat to their realm. The coldly disciplined swordsman has never desired anything for himself—until he beholds Bettina, the sheltered ward of two of the Lore’s most fearsome villains.


Desperate to earn her guardians’ approval after a life-shattering mistake, young Bettina has no choice but to marry whichever suitor prevails—even though she’s lost her heart to another. Yet one lethal competitor, a mysterious cloaked swordsman, invades her dreams, tempting her with forbidden pleasure.


Even if Trehan can survive the punishing contests to claim her as his wife, the true battle for Bettina’s heart is yet to come. And unleashing a millennium’s worth of savage need will either frighten his Bride away—or stoke Bettina’s own desires to a fever-pitch….

18 thoughts on “IAD: The Dacians

  1. they are releasing it November 27th now :)!!! ugh i want to know which IAD character she is doing next too…… sooooo impatient! lol

    1. Yep, another release date shift, but at least this one is ahead a bit of the last one. I am thinking Lanthe and Thronos might be next, since on Facebook KC said that she is looking forward to writing about “this type” of Lore creature, and she hasn’t done a Vreckner yet. But I am just hoping.

    1. I am looking forward to it for sure. Loved the little glimpse of the Dacians, and more Dacians means more Lothaire. Nice.

  2. I am excited for this book! And Kaleigha I had forgotten that Lothaire was part of the Dacians, but now that you mentioned him I’m even more excited for this book! He’s so alluring I was giddy in my seat with every page I read through his book. Yu-huh-mee! I hope she makes a book of Nix….

    1. I am way looking forward to this one, too. Love me the Lothaire. The first few chapters of Shadow’s Claim were printed in the MMP version of Lothaire, and they were really good, too.

  3. I don’t think I have the MMP version…. Well either way I get me more Lothaire. Have you seen the book trailer for his book? The guy portraying him is exactly how I picture him to be.

    1. I bought it in hardcover, but I did manage to stand in the middle of walmart and read the Shadow’s Claim excerpt – people must have wondered what the hell I was doing standing in the way with a goofy smile on my face. You know, the blonde Paul Marron really did look like I thought Lothaire would, and they even had the red contacts on him.

  4. Please could you tell me the source of the new date of claimShadows? Kresley Cole has not said anything on Twitter or on its website. Publishers keep the date November 27 … Who said that the book is delayed to December 18? Thanks and forgive my English

    1. Hey Sasha – no problem on the English, you sound fine. Everything I have been able to find for Shadow’s Claim still says November 27th – book sellers, publisher, and Kresley’s own site. Not sure who came out with the December release date, though.

      1. Thanks for your response! Hopefully not delayed the book .. I want that but we’ll have to wait and see. Congratulations on your site. It is wonderful for all the information out there. I love the character guide. It is an amazing job.

      2. Thanks, Sasha. The character guide was the only way I could think of to keep all of them straight! And they are kinda fun, too…

  5. Hello again! Just to tell you that I asked Kresley Cole (by Twitter) whether Shadows would be published in December but she said no, that Shadows will be published on 27 November. No change in the date of publication. Greetings.

    1. Thanks, Sasha. Good to know, since so many books end up switching release dates by a couple of weeks. Much appreciated.

  6. I found out yesterday that there is a new Dacian novella called Shadow’s Seduction out in January 2017. It’s about Prince Mirceo Daciano and his (male) friend Caspion. I already pre-orderd it but unfortunately it was only available as an ebook version at my German retailer. I haven’t read any male/male books yet but I will definitely give it a try since it’s Kresley Cole and I read everything of her.

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