Arcana Chronicles Character Guide

In the Arcana Chronicles, each of the 22 Tarot cards in the Major Arcana have a human counterpart – a young person destined to fight the other “cards” in a battle to the death.  Each has their own special set of powers and abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  There can be only one winner, and only the strongest will survive.

– The Major Arcana-

This is a list of the 22 Cards in the Major Arcana, and their real names where available, along with their tableau and calls.

0. The Fool, The Gamekeeper of Old – Matthew

  • Tableau – a smiling young man carrying a knapsack and a white rose, being followed by a small dog, as he is about to walk over a cliff
  • Call – “Crazy like a Fox”
  • Powers – Foresight, Astral Projection, Clairaudience

1. The Magician, Master of Illusions – Finneas

  • Tableau – a young man wearing a red robe, holding a wand at the sky while pointing to the ground, surrounded by roses
  • Call – “Don’t look at this hand, look at that one”
  • Powers – Illusionist, able to distort reality

2. The High Priestess, Ruler of the Deep – Circe Remire

  • Call – “Terror from the Abyss”
  • Powers – Control over water

3. The Empress, Our Lady of Thorns – Evangeline Greene

  • Tableau – a woman sitting upon a throne with her arms open wide, wearing a crown of stars
  • Call – “Come, touch…but you’ll pay a price”
  • Powers – Phytomanipulation, Poisons, able to mesmerize her prey

4. The Emperor, The Stone Overlord – Richter

  • Call – “Quake Before Me”
  • Powers – can create mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

5. The Hierophant, He of the Dark Rites – Gutherie (killed by Evangeline Greene)

  • Tableau – a robed male holding his right hand high, two fingers raised, blessing his followers
  • Call – “We go now to our bloody business”
  • Powers – Mind Control

6. The Lovers, Duke and Duchess Most Perverse – Vincent and Violet Milovnici (killed by Selena Lua)

  • Tableau – appears upside down, reverse and perverse
  • Call – “We will love you. In our own way”
  • Powers – Can warp and pervert any who love, create clones of themselves with their blood

7. The Chariot, Wicked Champion

8. Strength, Mistress of Fauna – Lark

  • Tableau – a delicate girl in a white robe controlling the gaping mouth of a lion
  • Call – “Red of tooth and claw”
  • Powers – Able to control all beasts, borrowing their senses and making familiars

9. The Hermit, Master of Alchemy – Arthur (killed by Evangeline Greene)

  • Tableau – an aged man holding a lantern in the dark
  • Call – “A wise man in the guise of a boy”
  • Powers – Potions master

10. Wheel of Fortune, Lady of Fate

11. Justice, She Who Harrows – Spite (killed by Death)

12. The Hanged Man, Our Lord Uncanny

13. Death, The Endless Knight – Aric Dominija

  • Tableau – a Reaper clad in that black armor, scythe at the ready, riding a pale horse with evil red eyes
  • Powers – Touch of death, able to kill with contact. A knight, master at arms, expert horseman, super-human speed and agility

14. Temperance, Collectress of Sins – Calanthe (killed by Death)

  • Call – “Crush you with the Weight of Sins”
  • Powers – Can magnify another’s guilt and horror over their past deeds

15. The Devil, Foul Desecrator – Ogen (killed by Death)

  • Tableau – a goat-man ogre leading tethered slaves
  • Call – “I’ll make a feast of your bones!”
  • Powers – Superhuman strength, animal aggression

16. The Tower, Lord of Lightning – Joules

  • Tableau – charred bodies falling from a lightning-struck tower
  • Call – “Eyes to the skies, lads, I strike from above”
  • Powers – Control over all electricity, can electrify his skin. Possesses silver javelins that turn into lightning

17. The Star, Arcane Navigator (killed by Death)

  • Powers – echolocation, heightened senses, creates a light blast from his skin like a supernova, night sight

18. The Moon, Bringer of Doubt – Selena Lua (killed by The Emperor)

  • Tableau – a glowing goddess of the hunt
  • Call – “Behold the Bringer of Doubt”
  • Powers – Goddess of the hunt, archery, mood control

19. The Sun, Hail the Glorious Illuminator

20. Judgment, The Archangel – Gabriel

  • Tableau – an archangel carrying a staff and a sword, flying over a mass of bodies
  • Call – “I watch you like a hawk”
  • Powers – Flight, superhuman senses

21. The World, The Unearthly One – Tess Quinn

  • Tableau – a bare-chested maiden with a swath of cloth around her hips, framed by symbols of the four elements
  • Call – “Trapped in the palm of my hand”
  • Power – Intangibility, levitation, time manipulation, teleportation, astral projection


white character guide

*This is a breakdown of all of the characters in Kresley Coles‘ young adult Arcana Chronicles series, complete up to Dead of Winter.  While I have tried to keep things general, this is a reference that may include spoilers.

This is alphabetical by first name, with main or vital characters highlighted in blue.


Abernathy, Mr.

  • first mentioned in Poison Princess
  • former animal control officer of Sterling Parish, Louisiana
  • around 30 years old
  • one of the few in Sterling to survive the flash
  • a widower
  • thought to be a potential protector for Evangeline “Evie” Greene by Karen Greene

Aric Dominija – Death, The Endless Knight

  • tableau a mounted reaper wielding a scythe
  • the most feared and powerful player in the game
  • rides a pale, red eyed horse
  • master swordsman and horseman, the perfect killer
  • carries death in his touch for everyone except the Empress
  • between games, amassed a fortune as an assassin
  • has supernatural speed and strength
  • carries two swords, wears impenetrable black armor
  • 23 in human years, but is over 2000 years old
  • was the son of a wealthy and powerful Latvian warlord
  • accidentally killed his parents through his touch when he was 16
  • has spent his entire life alone, longing for human contact
  • hungers for knowledge
  • created a mountaintop fortress, stockpiled with supplies
  • stunningly beautiful, with long white blonde hair and amber eyes
  • even, masculine features, tanned skin
  • well over 6 feet tall, with a regal bearing
  • jagged black runes across his chest telling the story of his past with previous Emperesses
  • married to a past incarnation of the Empress, but falls in love with Evangeline Greene
  • the Empress is his only weakness
  • works with Ogen (The Devil)
  • killed Calanthe, Ogen, and the Star

Arthur – The Hermit (or the Alchemist)

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • tableau that of an aged man holding a lamp in the dark
  • looks to be in his 20’s but is only around 16
  • skin weathered from the flash
  • a murderer who lives only to conduct his experiments
  • killed his abusive father and neglectful mother
  • mocked as a child for the abuse he suffered by his parents
  • kidnaps and tortures young girls in the name of his experiments
  • keeps his prisoners chained in the basement
  • stores the body parts of those he has killed for further study
  • fascinated with poisons and elixirs
  • fastidious and obsessive, highly intelligent but a true psychopath
  • a predator and a monster
  • kept himself so medicated he never heard the voices of the other Arcana
  • killed by Evangeline “Evie” Greene


Brandon “Brand” Radcliffe

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • boyfriend of Evangeline “Evie” Greene
  • a high school senior and star quarterback
  • rich and popular, the most eligible boy in Sterling parish
  • hazel eyes, curling light brown hair
  • wide shouldered and muscular
  • ruggedly built, but acts like a teddy bear
  • clean cut with a movie-star smile
  • happy go lucky and charming, kind-hearted
  • did not know he was the half brother of Jack Deveaux
  • killed in the flash

Broussard, Mr.

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • a teacher at Sterling High


Calanthe – Temperance, Collectress of Sins

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • wields the weight of sins, can turn sins against the sinner
  • in her early teens
  • carries two trident blades
  • black haired, with olive skin
  • worked with Joules (The Tower) and Gabriel (Judgment) to battle Death and Ogen (The Devil)
  • girlfriend of Joules
  • a brave fighter who deserved to live
  • killed by Death, Aric Dominija

Catherine “Cat”Ashley

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • from a wealthy family
  • cheerleader at Sterling High
  • can never hide her true feelings and reactions
  • friend of Evangeline “Evie” Greene, Melissa Warren, and Grace Anne

Circe Remire – The High Priestess, Ruler of the Deep

  • first appearance in Dead of Winter
  • her call is “Terror from the abyss”
  • able to inhabit and control bodies of water
  • seems to live in an underwater temple
  • a past incarnation cast a spell to allow the current High Priestess to relive her past memories
  • in a previous life, had been as close as a sister to the Empress
  • luminous fawn colored eyes and long black hair
  • rich ebony skin, iridescent scaled forearms with a fin on each elbow

Clotile Declouet

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • from the poor Louisiana parish of Basin
  • friend and perhaps sister of Jackson Deveaux
  • daughter of Eula
  • long chestnut brown hair
  • wears heavy make-up and trashy clothes
  • an excellent shot
  • joined the militia with Jackson Deveaux after the flash
  • taken prisoner by the army, tortured and abused by twins Vincent and Violet Milovnici
  • killed herself after helping Jackson Deveaux escape the militia


Death – The Endless Knight

  • see Aric Dominija



  • first mentioned in Dead of Winter
  • mother of Clotile Declouet

Evangeline “Evie” Greene – The Empress

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • one of the most powerful of the Arcana
  • her call is “Come, touch…but you’ll pay a price”
  • also known as Poison Princess, The May Queen, Lady Lotus, Queen of Thorns, Phyta
  • has the power of phytomanipulation, enhanced ability to heal, contains poison in her claws
  • controls all things that root or bloom, can use her blood to grow plants
  • does not attack first, but beckons her prey to her
  • raised on a sugarcane farm called Haven in Louisiana
  • had been a pretty and popular cheerleader
  • dated the high-school quarterback, Brandon Radcliffe
  • grandmother was a chronicler of the Tarot, or a Tarasova
  • spent 3 months in a mental hospital in Atlanta after suffering hallucinations and nightmares
  • mother Karen Greene died after the flash from injuries sustained fighting the Baggers, death assisted by Jack Deveaux
  • fights to retain her humanity, rather than give into her violent Arcana nature
  • past incarnation of the Empress was married to Death
  • finds herself attracted to Death, torn between her feelings for Jackson Deveaux and Aric Dominija
  • 16 years old
  • just over 5 feet tall with a willowy figure and delicate features
  • wavy blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes
  • kills Arthur (the Hermit), Guthrie (the Hierophant)


Finneas “Finn” – The Magican, Master of Illusions

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • tableau shows him wearing a red robe, holding a wand at the sky while pointing to the ground, surrounded by roses
  • call is “don’t look at this hand, look at that one”
  • can create illusions, make himself invisible
  • able to alter his appearance to look like anyone
  • girl crazy, teasing and flirty
  • the more he uses his illusions, the more he needs to
  • shares an attraction to Lark
  • originally from Malibu, California, but sent to live with family in North Carolina
  • about to be sent to military school
  • uses his abilities to steal from the militia
  • around 16 years old
  • chin length dirty blonde hair and freckles
  • looks and sounds like a surfer


  • first appearance in Dead of Winter
  • a leader in the Milovnici army
  • planned to assassinate the Milovnici twins, but was never able to get the opportunity
  • has a 12 year old brother in another branch of the army
  • helped Jack Deveaux escape from the Louisiana Reservist unit
  • works with Jack Deveaux to take control of the Milovnici army
  • in his late 20’s
  • tall and athletic
  • black hair and wide set brown eyes
  • a gap between his front teeth


Gabriel – Judgment

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • also known as The Archangel
  • call is “I watch you like a hawk”
  • tableau is an archangel carrying a staff and sword, flying over a mass of bodies
  • flies above battles and attacks when the moment is right
  • has missile-like speed, animal-like senses, and accelerated healing
  • has old fashioned clothes and way of speaking
  • raised on a secluded mountaintop in a type of Arcana monastery
  • family were chroniclers
  • interested in Selena Lua
  • allied with Joules and Tess Quinn
  • unusual looking, but striking, with silky black wings, small claws and fangs
  • long, jet black hair and leaf green eyes


  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • from the poor parish of Basin, Louisiana
  • transferred to Sterling High
  • friend of Jackson Deveaux

Grace Anne

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • from a wealthy family
  • cheerleader at Sterling High
  • spent her summer vacation in Hawaii
  • friend of Evangeline “Evie” Greene, Melissa Warren, and Catherine “Cat” Ashley
  • café au lait skin

Grandmother (no real name given)

  • first mentioned in Poison Princess
  • mother of Karen Greene, grandmother of Evangeline “Evie” Greene
  • twinkling brown eyes
  • full of life and laughter
  • a chronicler of the Tarot, or a Tarasova
  • knows the destiny of the Arcana
  • tried to prepare Evangeline “Evie” Greene for her destiny
  • possibly a Minor Arcana in her own right
  • was believed to be mentally ill, committed to a mental hospital in North Carolina 8 years ago
  • accused of kidnapping Evangeline “Evie” Greene when she was a child

Gutherie – The Hierophant, He of the Dark Rites

  • first appearance in Endless Knight
  • tableau is of a robed male holding his right hand high, two fingers raised, blessing his followers
  • call is “We go now to our bloody business”
  • a spellbinder and a charmer, can control anyone who looks into his eyes
  • controls your mind to make you commit monstrous acts
  • leader of the cannibals, makes his followers eat human flesh
  • does not know he is part of a game
  • hideous jagged teeth
  • red, feverished cheeks
  • dark hair and a bloated face
  • beady eyes that turn a filmy white while using his compulsion
  • looks to be about 18 or 19
  • killed by Evangeline Greene


Helene Deveaux

  • first mentioned in Poison Princess
  • mother of Jack Deveaux
  • an alcoholic who turned into a different person when she drank
  • never got over her love for Jackson’s father, a wealthy married lawyer who abandoned her when she got pregnant
  • stunning, with tanned skin and high cheekbones
  • long raven hair and gray eyes



Jackson Deveaux

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • some of his family had psychic abilities
  • mother Helene Deveaux was an alcoholic, never claimed by his wealthy lawyer father
  • his mother’s people fall in love only once, and it lasts forever
  • shared a father with Brandon Radcliffe
  • probably the half-brother of Clotile Declouet
  • 19 years old, but looks like an adult
  • well over 6 feet tall
  • unruly jet black hair, vivid gray eyes
  • deeply tanned face with strong features
  • knuckles scarred from years of fighting
  • speaks with a Cajun drawl
  • perceptive and cunning, a problem solver with an innate sense of curiosity and an talent for reading people
  • has only ever known deception and violence
  • skilled fighter, carries a crossbow
  • becomes known as “the hunter”, a growing legend among military forces
  • determined to create a safe-haven for human survivors at Evie Greene’s former home, Haven
  • after the flash, has found his place as a true leader
  • captured and tortured and branded by Vincent and Violet Milovnici, but does not break

Joules – The Tower, Lord of Lightning

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • call is “Eyes to the skies, lads, I strike from above!”
  • tableau is charred bodies plummeting from a lightning-struck tower
  • a master of electricity, shoots lightning javelins
  • allied with Gabriel and Tess Quinn
  • girlfriend Calanthe killed by Aric Dominija in battle
  • filled with rage and pain, wants to die to join Calanthe
  • flashing dark eyes and reddish brown hair
  • lilting Irish accent


Karen Greene

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • mother of Evangeline “Evie” Greene
  • husband disappeared during a fishing trip years ago
  • funny, kind and hardworking
  • took over her mother’s farm and turned it into the largest in the Parish
  • did not believe her mother’s doomsday prophecies, had her mother committed to a mental hospital 8 years ago
  • had daughter Evangeline “Evie” Greene sent to a children’s hospital after she began to hear voices and have nightmares
  • delicate looking, but strong and determined
  • 41 years old
  • pretty and blonde
  • after the flash, began to stockpile food and supplies
  • survived the initial flash, but died later from injuries sustained from fighting the Bagmen


Lark – Strength, Mistress of Fauna

  • first appearance in Endless Knight
  • tableau is a delicate girl in a white robe holding open the mouth of a lion
  • allied with Aric Dominija, lives at his mountaintop stronghold
  • has a huge collection of animals she cares for
  • able to control animals, borrow their senses and make them her familiars
  • thinks the way animals do
  • controls three huge war wolves
  • badly injured when Ogen (the Devil) attacks her and Evangeline Greene
  • father worked for Death, killed in the flash
  • young and pretty, around 14 or 15
  • looks Eurasian, has a southern accent
  • family chronicled the game
  • has talon-like claws and small fangs
  • doe brown eyes that tilt up at the corners
  • black hair, pale freckled pale skin


  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • from poor Basin parish in Louisiana
  • has a somewhat abrasive personality
  • a thief
  • skinny, with dark blonde hair and long features
  • thick Cajun accent
  • friend of Jackson Deveaux and Clotile Declouet
  • killed in the flash


Matthew – The Fool

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • refers to himself as Matthew Mat Zero Matto
  • one of the Arcana, often called the Gamekeeper
  • his tableau is that of a smiling young man carrying a knapsack and a white rose, being followed by a small dog, as he is about to walk over a cliff
  • has a huge target on his back because he knows all of the secrets of the game
  • tries to prepare Evangeline “Evie” Greene for her role as The Empress
  • autistic and almost childlike at times, but highly psychic
  • can see the past, present and future of everyone except himself
  • able to share visions and memories with others
  • often speaks cryptically
  • sees the actions of the other Arcana, acts as the mental switchboard between the players
  • left to drown in his basement by his mother before she committed suicide
  • rescued by Jackson Deveaux, Evangeline Greene, and Selena Lua
  • 16 years old
  • big brown eyes, dark brown hair and a ruddy face
  • handsome, even features
  • tall and lanky

Melissa Warren

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • best friend of Evangeline “Evie” Greene since childhood
  • cheerleader at Sterling High
  • from a wealthy family
  • modeled in Paris over her summer vacation
  • a hyperactive wild child, often impetuous
  • never embarrassed or ashamed
  • mother the guidance councilor at Sterling High school
  • around 16
  • 5 foot 11
  • auburn hair
  • mouth a bit too big, eyes a bit too wide, but striking looking
  • killed in the flash

Milovnici, General

  • first mentioned in Poison Princess
  • leader of a growing traveling army
  • had his own private security firm in Virginia before the flash
  • takes over or kills all of the smaller militia groups
  • harsh and brutal
  • brought misery and destruction to an already suffering world
  • father of Vincent and Violet Milovnici
  • an Arcana Chronicler
  • captured by Jack, Aric and Evie to use as leverage against the twins
  • killed by baggers at the bunker during the rescue of Selena Lua
  • thin and wiry, with a florid complexion
  • pale blue eyes
  • sharp features, beak-like nose
  • stained teeth and long, yellow nails



Ogen – The Devil, The Foul Desecrator

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • also called El Diablo
  • tableau a goat-man ogre leading tethered slaves
  • call is “I’ll make a feast of your bones”
  • a monstrous horned beast with a terrifying appearance
  • able to change form into monsters and giants
  • can become upwards of a dozen feet tall
  • beast form has black horns, mottled torso, misshapen head and cloven feet
  • red eyes webbed with thick greenish-yellow veins, slitted black pupils
  • immune to both fire and poison
  • physically the strongest of all of the Arcana
  • human form looks to be around 15
  • has sacred religious beliefs
  • controlled by Aric Dominija
  • attacks Evangeline Green and Lark
  • killed by Aric Dominija




Radcliffe, Mr.

  • first mentioned in Endless Knight
  • doting father of Brandon Radcliffe
  • biological father of Jack Deveraux and probably Clotile Declouet
  • a wealthy and prominent lawyer

Richter – The Emperor, The Stone Overlord

  • first appearance in Dead of Winter
  • able to move mountains, cause earthquakes and create volcanoes
  • call is “Quake before me”
  • by the time you hear his call, it is already too late
  • launches a lava flow into the middle of Jack’s army, possibly killing Selena Lua

Rodrigo Vasquez

  • first appearance in Dead of Winter
  • captured and held in a slaver’s base
  • freed by Jack, Evie and Aric
  • friends with Franklin, part of the rebellion against General Milovnici
  • long, dark hair and deep brown eyes


Selena Lua – The Moon, Bringer of Doubt

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • call is “behold the bringer of doubt”
  • tableau that of a red-tinged archer
  • an archer
  • enhanced speed, endurance and grace, accelerated healing and super-strength
  • very strong, conditioned to turn off her senses in the face of torture
  • has the power to seed doubt and lure people with moonlight
  • in love with Jackson Deveaux, determined to watch his back no matter what
  • captured by the followers of the Lovers, Violet and Vincent, to draw Evie Greene into a trap
  • taken prisoner by the real Vincent and Violet Milovnici, tortured and branded with their mark
  • 18 years old
  • gorgeous, with nearly waist length shimmery blonde hair and dark eyes
  • tall and long legged, with flawless skin
  • killed Vincent Milovnici with a chop to the throat
  • thought to have been killed by The Emperor

Spencer Stevens III

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • popular student at Sterling High
  • football player
  • best friend of Brandon Radcliffe
  • hooks up with Melissa Warren

Spite – Justice, She Who Harrows

  • first mentioned in Endless Knight
  • one of the Arcana
  • killed by Aric Dominija (Death)



  • first appearance in Endless Knight
  • a prisoner of the Hierophant and his cannibals
  • held in a cavern and eaten alive a piece at a time
  • has cauterized, oozing stumps where his legs and arms had been
  • mercy killed by Evangeline Greene
  • corpse poisoned by Evangeline Greene, which then killed many of the Cannibals as they fed on him


  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • from the poor Louisiana parish of Basin
  • friend of Jackson Deveaux

Tess Quinn – The World Card

  • first appearance in Endless Knight
  • call is “Trapped in the palm of my hand”
  • tableau a bare-chested maiden with a swath of cloth around her hips, symbols of the four elements framing her
  • has the potential to be one of the strongest of all of the Arcana
  • has the powers of intangibility, levitation, time manipulation, teleportation, astral projection
  • has little understanding of her own purpose, struggles with her gifts
  • one of the Elementals
  • chubby, with long mousy brown hair and brown eyes
  • carries a battered staff
  • allied with Joules and Gabriel



Vincent Milovnici – Duke and Duchess Most Perverse

  • first appearance in Poison Princess
  • twin brother of Violet Milovnici, son of General Milovnici
  • tableau appears upside down
  • call is “We will love you. In our own way”
  • around 16 years old
  • absorbs his twin sister Violet while in the womb, so they can never be separated
  • vain and unspeakably cruel, hungers for pain
  • creates clones of himself and his sister, creating ideal versions of themselves
  • has never left the bunker he has been in since he was born
  • sends their carnates out into the world, can see through their eyes
  • carnates are responsible for the torture of Jack Deveaux and Clotile Declouet, the capture of Selena Lua
  • carnates are goth looking, with pale blue, vacant eyes and marble like skin
  • real form is small and doughy, with oily, jaundiced skin and matted black hair
  • covered in scars from his bloodletting to make new carnates
  • yellowed teeth and creepy, pale eyes
  • killed by Selena Lua

Violet Milovnici – Duke and Duchess Most Perverse

  • see Vincent Milovnici
  • twin sister of Vincent Milovnici, daughter of General Milovnici
  • absorbed by her twin, Vincent, while in the womb
  • appears as a tattoo-like pale blue eye on Vincent’s chest, above his heart





104 thoughts on “Arcana Chronicles Character Guide

  1. You have done a really awesome fabulous job on your site. I have two comments aside from that. First, I believe Evie’s birthday is day 1 after the flash, rather than one week after the flash. See her conversation in the first book, Tennessee scene with Arthur, “Your birthday was day 1 A.F.?”
    And second, where did you find the Emperor’s powers listed? I’ve not been able to figure those out. Cole has his card blank on her website as well. Did you pick up a clue in the book somewhere I’m missing?
    Since you’ve done such an awesome job listing all the facts, do you think the Sun card is the hidden card this game since it was the sun strike that kicked things off? Or could it be any of the cards we haven’t met yet?

    1. Good catch on Evie’s birthday…I read it wrong at first. I am not sure where I tracked down the Emperor’s powers from, to be honest. After I do the reading of the books, I then search around to see if I missed anything, so they could’ve come from anywhere. The sun card is a good idea…for some reason, I am stuck on the Emperor, probably because it matches up with the Empress.

    2. My take, Hangman is the hidden card. Have you guessed it? DVO the one who always like to solve puzzle and have the power to read people. I think Arik already picked up on that since he probably had many encountered with the Hangman in the past. I sense the reaper is growing interest at DVO… studying him… What do you think?

      1. I totally agree with you that Aric likely knows or at least strongly suspects what Jack is. and I agree with your perceptions of Jack. I still think, judging by the way KC has interpreted the cards so far, that she could make Jack any of the remaining 3 male cards. Especially since she hasn’t given out any hints at all as to how she’s intending to create those characters in this incarnation, so to speak. I’m leaning toward the Sun card myself with the hanged man as my runner up, but you might be right too. What are your reasons for the hanged man?
        I think that the chariot, the wicked champion, was with the slavers in Mississippi that almost got Jack and Evie. Blood will tell, blood will run. Does anyone else have a theory as to whom that call should belong to?

      2. Hi! I love this site. So much attention to detail. Thanks so much!
        I thought the “Blood will tell, blood will run” call might belong to The Hanged Man since blood rushes to your head when you’re upside down.

      3. Tracy, chapter 23
        After the car wreck and in the forest, when Evie is by herself and waiting for Jack, she hears voices.
        Gabriel’s. I will watch you like a hawk.
        Unknown. Blood will tell, blood will run.
        Magician/Finn. Don’t look at this hand, Look at that one.

    3. I don’t think Jack is a major Arcana because in Poison Princess Chapter 22 and 23 there are three unknown calls which makes sense because they are 3 unknown cards. The calls are
      Blood will run, blood will tell
      I descend upon you like nightfall
      Woe to the bloody vanquished
      I know there is still The Emperor but I don’t think any of those calls sound like The Emperor. Also when all the other Arcana met Jack a tableaux didn’t flash.
      I think Jack might be a minor Arcana. That could also mean why Aric took a special interest in Jack. But I also really really really want Jack to be a major Arcana!
      But I’m sure Kresley Cole will surprise us somehow and do something totally unexpected for Jack.

      1. There is still the hidden card, who is only activated when they kill their first arcana. That means the call and tablei are both hidden as well.

      2. I think Jackson will turn out to be the arcana card that’s not activated until he kills another card. That would explain why he doesn’t have a tableaux or call yet.

  2. This collection helped me keep track of everything! Thank you! I’m thinking Jack is a card, possibly the card thats hidden and comes into play when he takes out another card. Obviously he has to be either the Sun, the Chariot, The Hanged Man, or the Emperor. With the way to second book ended, and some light research i did on the cards backgrounds, he had attributes of all of them, but I’m thinking he’s the hanged man because of the strong connection to the living tree and the pull between two world and ties to religion. Thoughts?

    1. I can’t get past him being the Emperor, for some reason. Maybe it is because Emperor/Empress, not sure, but I would be majorly shocked if Jack wasn’t Arcana. I haven’t heard much about the other cards, though, so I guess it could go any way.

      1. I also think that Jackson might be the hidden card or any card and may or may not know it. I’m also stuck on how he might be the Emperor because Evie is attracted to him and him to her and you have some good points aswell. I can’t wait for the new book on January 6th!

  3. At the end of EK there are certain attributes of the Emperor card that are described above on this page. Evie notes when Jack arrives at Haven after the flash that the ground quakes briefly. Also, he dampens her ability to hear other cards when he’s near, and she can’t hear other cards at all when he touches her. So yeah, I’m thinking he’s Emperor because of that. Also, Evie says that the Emperor is as rigid and unyielding as the Empress is soft and lush. Jack strikes me as fairly rigid and unyielding, which was why he and Evie clashed so often, until she started acting more like the soft and yielding Empress she was…

    I’m completely convinced Jack is Arcana. What’s more, I think Kresley gave him the perfect ancestry for the hidden card. Uprooted and shuffled around Cajun, He had ancestors who were somewhat psychic just like Evie did. The profile fits there. He has that whole “No one get’s the drop on me” uncanny ability which could rank with a near power, like Evie’s ability to be so in tune with plants.

    Um, as far as the Hanged man, living tree thing, I haven’t heard of that so I don’t understand it. Jack doesn’t seem to be one with the trees so far as I can tell. No hints in the book with that. He’s one with his bike and other modes of weapons and transportation as well as dealing out punishment to those who need it, which seems to fit chariot or emperor better. Also, to my way of thinking, if Kresley hasn’t listed the card characteristics, than anything goes. She’s scrambled a few things to be the way she likes them, which is her prerogative. The novels are awesome, with the exception that they take too long to actually come out. Come on! Flipping January?!

    1. Yeah, I have the Emperor stuck in my head for him, too. I wonder just how many there will be in the series, since all I have actually heard is “three or more”.

    2. No you’ll meet Emperor in the third book, where Death also refers to Jackson as a ‘mere mortal’ many times. Jackson is not Arcana. Otherwise they would also have been able to see his tableau and heard his call.

      1. Well, yes. I know that now…. Obviously Jack isn’t the Emperor since he was almost killed by him. I was guessing a good 6 months before DOW came out.
        But Death death doesn’t know everything. And when Evie, Jack and Death are traveling together, in chapter 23, Evie notes that Death studies her as much as he studies Jack. When Jack finally asks what he’s looking at, Death replies,”Something about you is nor right.”
        You may be forgetting that the hidden card would not have a tableau because he’s hidden. So he also wouldn’t have a call. The hidden card might even…block the call of other cards perhaps. It is within the realm of possibility at least.
        Though, if Jack is the hidden card then I wonder why Matthew tells Evie to “Beware the hidden card”? It’s a curiosity. Maybe cause he’ll be horribly mad to find her at Death’s place after she was supposed to be coming for Jack…?
        Also, my next bet is that the hidden card is the sun card since that card has a wall, symbolizing a holding back and something to break through. There’s some other good reasons and possibilities, but that’s the main one.

  4. Here’s a question. How can Death be over 2000 years old if he won the last 3 games? Wouldn’t that make him 3000 years old? Unless the games are more frequent than every 1000 years? Am I missing something?

    He was born. First game around late teens. Met May Queen. He married her and she tried to kill him on their wedding night. Then the next games he didn’t find her before she died. Last games she was Phyta/Red witch. He told her their history and she gave him the poison kiss. Then he killed her. But I thought the games were every thousand years, so wouldn’t that make him nearly 3000 years old?
    I guess there’s another one earlier I wouldn’t know about?
    Black Death 1347-1350
    World wide flu pandemic 1918-1919
    So maybe that game was only 500 years apart? Is that the idea? I haven’t any idea.

    1. He might even be a bit older than that. I think that the “over 2000” came from the other characters talking about him. I am not sure how much they really know about death, and how much they have made up about him.

  5. There are 22 tarot card characters to explore and dive deeper into in each book – how many more books are you planning in the series and can readers expect to get to know every card?
    I have several stories already plotted. In a perfect world, I’d write six books, with side novellas to complement the main narrative. We’d get to know most of the Major Arcana.


    Both books in The Arcana Chronicles have ended with pretty serious cliffhangers – is that a tradition readers should continue to expect?
    I hope so. I enjoy a good cliffhanger. As a reader, I relish that nervous feeling you get when you’re engrossed in a story, but in the back of your mind you’re aware that there aren’t that many pages left. How will it end? Everything can’t be wrapped up! This can’t end!
    Then it does, and your heart seems to stop. And you’re filled with anticipation for the next installment, debating with other readers what will happen next. The fun doesn’t end when the words do. I love that.

    I tell you, after I read that interview, I didn’t know whether to give a little scream for joy that there would be possibly six or more books of Arcana awesomeness, or try to tear my hair out that yes, I would feel just like I did after EK in January after DoW. :-{

    1. That’s great…thanks for the update. I would love to see the world explored more, and I couldn’t see just one more book wrapping things up, either.

      1. There are actually 24 major tarot cards in a deck, she just left out the Pope and the Popess, but it would have been awesome if she’d included them!

  6. Great work! Amazing site! These books are my favorite series and I hope they continue on for awhile:).

    I was a bit confused about the ending of Endless Knight…

    did Selena and Finn die trying to protect Matthew and Jack from the Lovers?

      1. The preview says that Jack and Death have to team up. I think that means they save Jack from the militia and are trying to save Selena and Finn. Maybe from another threatening Arcana?

  7. Does anyone know which Tarot deck Kresley is using as a reference for The Arcana Chronicles? I own many different decks and one is verrry close to what she describes but some details are off. Anyone know?

  8. You have a lot of really interesting, intuitive guesses on the books and future books. I enjoyed your answer. It probably helps that you know Tarot (so do I, very well). We can see things normal readers may overlook. Nice.

  9. Hum…. I love this serie and speculate a lot on it.

    I believe Mathews wants to stop the game, and he needs for this Evie, her power but also her humanity. He knows Jack is an Arcana, and his role to come (I interpret his no Arcana, as not ‘yet’ Arcana)

    He manipulates the complete story. He purposelly introduced Aric, because if Evie stays with Jack, she will not get her power. He made Jack captured by the twins, because it was time to stop Evie/Aric hollidays and she was not progressing on the path of her power.

    I believe the DOW last cliffhanger is at the initiative of Matto (… ‘do not hate me ‘and the 10 of spade tarot card that Evie dreamed: Shock and betrayal) to push Evie for revenge and discover her power.

    My theroy is that Jack will disappear for some time, Evie will believe he is dead and revenge him with the help of Aric, and Jack will pop up again before Evie becomes totally crazy. All under the Matto manipulation. Jack will be an Arcana next time, Probably the death of Selena has made him become an Arcana. Even if I regret it, I believe she is dead, her last talk with Evie gives me the impression of a testament, and KC introduced the ‘indirect kill theory’ and I do not see Jack killing another Arcana…

    Also the fact that nobody tells anything on Evie last games (except she married Aric and killed him or the twins…) nor on the hidden Arcana…. makes me believe the story ismuch more complicated, as if Jack/arcana and Evie knew eachother, Jack was killed and she became the uncontrollable red witch seeking for revenge (killing twins, and Aric…. which would mean Aric killed Jack previously)… and let the game complete. To stop that, Jack must remain alive and control Evie. Is it the reason Matto stayed with Jack…. and will probably to continue to accompany/survey Jack in the next volume…

    The love triangle, very well lead, is here only to add emotions on the story, and KC does it very well. But from my perspective, I see only Aric acting as the knight ofEvie who will accompany her or fight for her, and I have the feeling that his role will be ‘stable’ in the sense that no big surprise will happen from him (leading to main story changes)…. and this compared to Jack, make me feel that Aric ‘becomes’ more a secondary actor…. probably I root too much for Jack

    I am very interested for any other theory or comments :=)

    1. Hey sayan…I haven’t gotten to Dead of Winter yet (it is on the TBR pile), but when I do I will come back and discuss with you. Hopefully I can get caught up soon!

    2. Sayan, good thoughts. One thing, Matto supposedly took off on his own, not with Jack. At least, that’s what is implied. He took a metric ton of food with him and he’s gone out alone before and managed fine. Still possible he’s near, but if so, I’d think he was with the high priestess or close to her. How else would she know to send the water?

      Then again, she’s somewhat able to foretell future events anyway, right? Maybe she wouldn’t have needed that input.

      Honestly, I think Matthew was at the end of his rope, and couldn’t stop this event without creating something worse in the future. So he took off because he wouldn’t have been able to handle the mental toll of that devastation up close.

      1. greenthumbtarasova, thank for your point. My theroy is a mixture of intuition, logic and (mis)understanding/interpretation of the story.

        My main rationale in fact comes from question: What will be the end of the book. Only 3 alternatives:
        – Complete the game with one winner
        – A kind of cheating the game (like Aric described it… not so satisfactory)
        – ‘stopping the game’ (ie; probably with reestablishment of the original status of the eath and the remaining Arcana continuing their living without anymore Arcana power).
        The last one is my theroy!

        Once, Aric (or matto, do not remenber) adressed the gods… who retired and instantiated the game. So to stop the game, there are 2 mandatorilly step: Calling back the gods, and ‘convincing’ them (fight?). So I imagined a 2 step arc, first step against an Arcaba ‘very important’ allowing the call back of the Gods (the Sun card? probably) and then once the gods are present, a fight against the gods gathering the most powerfull arcanas.

        Then, the key point is wrt previous game, what has changed: not much (may be Aric being in love with Evie – but he was already in previous game -, departing may be him from his ruthless winner attitude…). If we look at the 3 main caracters, Aric is interested only in gaining the game (he killed the star arcana in this game and won the 3 previous ones), Evieis lost in her love triangle, and wanting not to fight/play the game, Jack more intersted in the humans…. So I did not see what could make them finally not playing the game and finishing the play ‘classically’.

        Then, there is this famous Mathew. If we look carefully at him, he is particullary strange and unclear…

        What do we know from the story:

        From PP, Jack controlled Evie in her Red Wich mode at the end of the book. Matto is upset that Evie does not switch in Red witch mode,repeating Jack prevents her to acquire her powers, there is no time…. Suddenly in EK, Aric arrives and separates her from Jack on Matto betrayal…. and he communicates to Evie that Jack killed her mother (to let her stay? separate her from Jack emotionnally?)! But Matto also stayed with Jack!
        Why Matto did he detray? fears of Death….not that convincing me (also the communication between Death and Matto seems to stop after Evie/Aric kidnapping, not that a strong relationship, he coud have rejoined Aric in his castle if he feared for his own security).

        Once she is with Death, as a matter a fact, Evie did not any progress…. rather she was having a good hollidays tilme…. ThusMatto calls her back: Jack was captured by the Lovers. Why in those 2 events Matto could not prevent it! he can foresee future, he was surrounded by other Arcana…. and relied on them to see the future and all these events coming…. but he lets them happen….

        Wrt the last cliffhanger, I agree that Matto left, but why just before the strike and after saying ‘… do not hate me’. Again he could have prevented it by reading the future from Selena, Evie, etc…. but he left…. and alone.

        For me this is suspicious… I also believe KC has already totally defined/written the main thread of her history. And the fact that Evie Jack is dead, cannot it give her a revenge spirit and accelerate the switch in her red witch? And who does it fulfill his expectations… Matto!

        Does Circe is involved? may be, but it is not that important. KC introduced Circe as an old friend from the previous game, I expect to (re)become friend with Evie and stays with her. I expect that Evie will feel betrayed by Matto sometime in the next story to come, and she is going to hate him. Better not be for Circe seen as an ally of Matto…. so may be Matto gave her some infos but they cannot be linked, or Evie will englobe both Circe and Matto in her hate, and this could be unhealthy for Circe.

        Now, if Evie gets the power, what would change wrt previous game if she is the red witch and let her complete the game…. Jack. So Matto needs to separate Jack from Evie, let her develop her full power, bring back Jack in order that she controls her red witch personnality. And we see Matto stayed with Jack when Evie was this Aric, left just before the last cliffhanger (for headache reason, lol as if with from 5/6 arcana to 7/8 arcana, he exeeded the threshold!)…. I am thinking, Jack needs protection during the separation with Evie, Matto can provide this (remenber the Aric’s statement that Mathew is powerfull enough to go alone)…. Particulary, Jack seems to take a lot of risks (Arcana or not).

        Now Jack also must be activated. Selena died (despite I loved her). If Matto manipulates everything, why did he sacrifice Selena? To allow to activate Jack? I do not see Jack killing an Arcana alone, he is still a human…. And KC also introduced the indirect kill theory, for wich reason? I believe to benefit of the death of Selena… to be activated. Is the emperor an active player of Matto manipulations or being manipulated? I am more enclined to the second theory. The Emperor is presented more as Strong/bad guy. I believe Matto can see various alternatives by letting and stopping one of those….. he selects alternatives which fits his goal!

        There are 2 arcanas who know the past game: Matto & Aric. I believe at this point of the story Matto knows Jack is the unactivated Arcana (see above). Probably Aric also…. this famous Twins chronicles written in a language that only Aric can read made me nearly burst of laughing…. he knows thing he does net want to say, or at least he retains the infos…. otherwise the book would not be in old rumanish language…. and this also tells me Aric is not clear of this subject. My theory is that in previous game, Evie revenged Jack’s death becoming the red witch: Aric and the twins…. That Matto knows also makes me believe that he tries to collect all opportunities to progress on his way to stop the game…. do we see him as an Arcana killer…? no, he never threaten anybody, or made any agressive move. I see him more as risking and manipulating everything to stop the game even if he must lose his own life…. he fools everybody, he is the fool

    3. I was happy when I read your comment about how Death might’ve killed Jack in the last game-assuming if Jack is an Arcana-because I actually had the same thought. Well actually, I’d thought that maybe Death hired another Arcana to kill Jack. Maybe the past Empress and “Jack” were lovers and that made Death jealous, so he hired some other Arcana, perhaps so he could seem innocent when he told Phyta about her past betrayel in the two games before, but she knew that he was lying and had already planned revenge(?). That was my theory anyways.

      1. I like your theory very much.
        I’ve wondered if Death sent Jack to Haven as a bodyguard so the Lovers wouldn’t get the Empress. Death probably thought she’d just kill the mortal once her powers came online. And Jack might not have even known Death was the one directing his path. When Jack and Evie were in the cave and Death was in Evie’s head, Jack said he’d “kill the bastard, just for this.” It kinda seemed like he already wanted to kill Death for other reasons.
        I agree, there’s been some memory manipulation somewhere.
        Where are the memories of that middle game?
        I think all we really know is that the Emperor killed the Empress, then Death killed the Emperor. And I think this was the game Aric said the Hierophant mesmerized the Lovers’ clones to kill their source.
        On that note, where the heck did Guthrie come from anyway?

      2. Yep, this is my thougth: Jack & Evie are fated lovers (I see Aric more as a very skillfull/sexy./romantic but doomed guy), and that repeat game after game. She massacers any Jack murderer (the twins, Arci?) in her red witch mode…. In order to avoid the story to repeat, what is different: probably the alliance of Evie/Jack/Aric…. under the supervision of Mathew…. will see.
        The relationship between Arcana, I believe, are weaks…. The more the time goes, the less humanity they keeps and push them to massacer each others. Only strong relationship such as love can maintain links between Arcanas.

    4. i always wondered why matthew says, “you are my only friend,” to evie. there are other “good” cards (magician, and, well, magician. oh! maybe tess and definitely gabriel… possibly joules…. ). she did not know him before he put himself into her head. is it her strategic importance and his perception that she is different this time or is he the besotted lover she kills in a previous life and, careful to observe the line she drew, he maintains “friend” status while still loving and protecting her? he tells her “In a place where nothing grows, I carry a flower. The memory of you.”

  10. Can you update the list to the end of Dead of Winter now that is out? Also, I’m think Jack is the sun card. I know hes not the Emperor.

    1. I think that the Sun Arcana is the most important card of this game, as this game is related to ‘Sun disapperance’. So I imagine this card should be dedicated to the main Story thread, in order to stop the game. I imagine thus an Arc witth the Sun Arcana, allowing to call back the gods on Earth…. , therefore, I do not think Jack can be the Sun…. this card is too much important in order to place it on Jack (or this would give too much importance to Jack…. against the Love Triangle plot)…. So I am in favor of the Chariot (because I do not like the Hanged Man card lol)

      1. I thought about the Chariot for Jack, but there’s one thing that keeps me from committing to that.

        In Poison Princess, when Evie and Jack are running from the Slavers and their car gets the tires blown out and flipped into the pile of other jacked cars, Evie hears a call.

        Blood will tell, Blood will run.

        We don’t know which Arcana that call matches up to. I’ve looked at the above list and tried to narrow it down. It’s not the Emperor. Not the High Priestess. Doesn’t seem appropriate for the Sun or the Hanged man, nor the Star or the Wheel of Fortune.

        IMO it doesn’t really seem to fit anyone other than The Chariot: The Wicked Champion. It’s terribly wicked to head up the slavers, yeah?

        Of course, you’re welcome to your opinion and I could of course be wrong. Just a few thoughts. I’d love to hear others.

        Who that call belongs to has been bugging me for two books now. I was all excited to meet Death’s allies in DOW and what did we get? Nothing! Unless the Emperor was a secret ally… Now there’s some food for thought. Evie would never forgive Aric if he killed Jack, but if someone else took him out… Rather convenient isn’t it?

      2. Why not Lady Fates, wheel of fortune? I am not a english native speaker, but reading it, it sounds me like ‘fates’ in the sense ‘what is written, will happen…’ in a gore version at the Arcana mode. No ?

    2. Thinking about it now and looking at the descriptions for the actual cards, he kind of fits the hanged man card. For anyone who hasnt read and doesnt want spoilers, dont read anymore of this comment,

      In DoW, death really seems to have a thing against the emporer card, so I dont think theyre allies. I mean, the emperor did kill evee last time, then death killed him so…. The line “the moon rises, the moon sets, the moon rises no more” tells me celena is most likely dead. What if jack put her out of her misery after being mortally wounded by the emporer? but I feel his call would have sounded loudly then. Also, the relationship jack and Aric had been building before evee chose makes me think they may have been allies in a previous game. Actually, Are we sure Jack is the unactivated card? Why would mathew give the warning against the unactivated one to evee?

      1. Yes I believed Selena is dead: her last talk seems also to me as her last speech….

        I see only 2 possibilities left according my theory: the hanger man and the chariot. I am more in favor of the Chriot because it makes Jack ‘human’ which is a features tht KC pushes, and also Death nd the ‘Hanged man’ would make Jack and Aric too much alike, and KC needs to make them 2 different caracters (for her love triangle lol)

        I do not know so much how to handle the Matto ‘ Beware the unactivated card’. The point also is that Mathew gives hints only wrt his goal…. so currently I hesitate to take it as ‘protect the unactivated card (I am not enough fluent in english to catch the english subtilities) or take care of the unactivated card, which will prevent toy to get your full power… my theory also i that he currently know Jack is the unactivated card!

  11. Great points Amanda. What characteristics of the hanged man do you think match up with Jack?

    I think we believe Jack could be the hidden card because he hides the calls of an arcana when he touches them. Probably why he can calm poor Matto so effectively. It’s totally possible he’s something else entirely, but whatever that is, it should be supernatural.

    I know what you mean about Matt saying beware the hidden card, but that doesn’t take Jack being that card out of the realm of possibility, just more twisted. And KC can make things very twisted…

    1. Specifically the sacrifice part. Hes always sacraficinghimself in diffrent ways to help others.

      Another thought, Matt said to beware the miners (minors) (most likely the minor arcana). Gabriel said something about the Gods return. Taking these into account, jack could be any of those too. If he was a god unaware, he could be the key to ending the game.

    2. crucifix he wears resembles the hanged man card – man hung on tree. he does have to live in service – to his mother, to Clotile, to Evie, to the humans. i do not think he has to be arcana, however. cole in iad puts together unlikely partners. why not arcana and human? arcana and god… now that’s another plot twist….

  12. Amanda,
    So, making sure I understand. Sacrifice and the “When he helps, he hurts(himself), all ties together? Not a stretch actually.

    About the minors…I interpreted that to mean the Emperor was among the mines Evie passed on the way to Jack’s army. But Matthew’s sayings have been known to have depth, more than one meaning, so it could also mean minor arcana.

    Love your thought about Jack being a god reborn. Would be a fabulous twist.

    1. Exactly. Between the way he used to fight for his mother, to trying to help evee.

      As for the minors, earlier in either DoW or EK (I forget which) Evee asked, I believe Aric, about the minor arcana. and he said sometimes they show up and sometimes they don’t. Also how her grandmother might also be a minor arcana. Her grandmother seemed set to turn Evee into a ruthless killer before being locked away, so imagine how she will feel finding out about Evee’s plan to end the game.

      To be honest I’m surprised. I thought KC was going to have Jack kill the lovers to save Celena…. Hes got to kill an Arcana in the next book.

  13. Amanda, agreed! Unfortunately I know next to nothing about the minor arcana, so I’m lost when they’re brought up.

  14. I am new to this, but love this website and love hearing everyone’s theories.
    So here is my input I researched some of the Tarot cards because I really want to believe that Jack is Arcana and I think he might be the chariot after reading from this websie, It talks about how the Charot is in control of his emotion – ” The man driving the Chariot knows that his emotions are not to be swept under the rug, but trained and used to his greater good.”
    Now I know that not all tarot cards are alike and Jack is a very emoitional and passionate person but I think that is what drives him, instead of dwelling on his emotions he takes action.
    Also it says something about military symbol on the card and he pretty much shows leadership or is leading a military force at the end of the 3rd book, and he is the driving force to keep everyone in order, even Death appreciates his actions and leadership roles.

    Well that’s my theory, One more thing that is driving me crazy whats up with the Jack’s Rosary, I think it might have something to do with Evie and her rose crown and their love, any theories I would love to hear them. Can’t wait for the next book!

  15. Yep Chantel,
    Thanks for your links and your explainations. The chariot is also my favorite guess but we will see. By reading the description of the Tarot cards, I find the explainations as cryptic as the words of Matto lol. More insteresting is to try to extrapolate the power associated to each Cards KC allocated to the various Arcana. For some it is abvious (death, the tower, Lark,….)… for some others, we can extrapolate the Card to the the associated power (Circe, her robe make me think of water) for for rest of the cards, the link is not obvious (in particular, the realtionship between the moon and the Archer….). When I looked to the last 4 remaining unknown cards, I can only guess:
    Sun: power of fire…
    Hanged man: power of agiity and speed
    Chariot: power of teleportation (can transport himself) and strengh (make me feel kind of Elephant’s transportation)
    Wheel of fortune: power of fortune’s teller
    Probably, nothing much to note, but I can imagine KC scrutating the cards, trying to allocate power and personnality to these… for her story

    1. Thanks Sayan. With those descriptions, Jack and the Hanged Man fit very well together. We’ll have to wait and see what KC’s interpretation is.

    2. cole dropped a little mix into the story about jack. the earth shakes (emperor?). evie feels alive in his presence(sun?). rain falls with strong emotion moments(relations with the priestess, the chariot, the hanged man, death, the moon). crucifix resembles hanged man card or could just be another rose symbol like matthew and death carry. he controls his emotions (or drugs them like alchemist and evie in institution?) which is his goal (to get control over his choices but accepting not everything in his life) which would point to chariot, but chariot is static. but, hey, the chariot is just sexy (although many of jack’s behaviors appear aggressive and dominating i think his overall trajectile is not). he’s deeply religious, curious, observant, intelligent. he can only live in service/with purpose: takes care of mom, clotile, evie, humans or loses it (hanged man). i still wonder if jack might remain mere mortal. I gotta admit, i really like jack being mortal. even though matto says evie can’t have jack i hope that evie returns to and establishes a new homeland with him. it would be a good contrast and return to point of origin. a good wrap up. a show stopper would be if jack was a god (which one?). guess we’ll have to see what cole has in store for us….

  16. Actually, you’re slightly off. There are some known arcana that Evie doesn’t know the calls for yet. The Star, the arcane navigator for instance. “I decend upon you like nightfall” is a great fit for him.
    The other two are still unknowns but not necessarily totally the unknown male arcana (the chariot, the hanged man, and the sun) as there are still some known arcana that haven’t been pinned down.
    So, you can still believe Jack isn’t arcana, but that reason won’t work. Also, as death said, he’s heard all the calls, except for that of the hidden card.
    The Emperor’s call is now known as “Quake Before Me!”

    1. I saw that the information on the Emperor is a little incomplete. He calls himself Richter and his call is “Quake before me!”. Also, the high priestess is Circe Remire and her call is “Terror from the abyss”. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but I just wanted to help fill in a few blank spots. Also, I’m betting on Jack being the Chariot.

      1. Ariana,
        You’re right on all those names and calls. Something I’m pondering, what powers do you all think the hanged man, the chariot, and the sun might have? And who’s call is “Blood will run, Blood will tell?”
        There’s a one shot fanfic on what might have happened at the end of Dead of Winter up on archive of our own. I liked it cause it’s from Jacks pov and its kinda hopeful, especially if you like Jack.

  17. Kim,

    I would guess that the call “Blood will run, Blood will tell” belongs to the Chariot because the Chariot is supposed to be a warrior and because of the subtitle: wicked champion. Can you tell me what part of the series that call was made? I think I missed that.

    1. Arieana (sorry I misspelled your name. Didn’t notice what autocorrect did.)

      I was thinking chariot too for that call. Thing is, if that’s the case, chariot can’t be Jack…

      It’s in Poison Princess, the chapter where the car wrecks and they run from the slavers into the bagman woods. She either hears it in the car or alone in the forest. Can’t remember which just now. Never seen the call repeated either.

      1. Hm, that’s what I was thinking too. I’m determined to believe that Jack is the Chariot, but I also strongly believe that that is the call of the Chariot. However, I think only one of these theories is wrong, but not both.

    2. Kim,

      About the powers, I’m not sure. I am going to guess that the Sun will have control over fire or something similar to the Star. I have no clue about the hanged man, I would guess that his power would be one of the less harmful ones though. I think the Chariot would have the skills of a perfect warrior, similar to Aric, but minus the touch of death.

      1. Arieana,

        Wouldn’t it be cool if the chariot could teleport? And maybe bring along whatever and whomever he’s touching?

        If the Sun has the power of forecasting, and is likely most powerful during the daytime like the star was during night and longest night, then would that mean he’d be immune to fire? Which would also mean the Emperor couldn’t kill him with lava. Right? He could still crush him with rocks and an earthquake.
        And yeah, I can’t figure what the hanged man might be able to do, especially in a world with no trees like there were on his card. So maybe he and the Empress could have been allies in a past game, until she betrayed him of course.
        I thought most of her past alliances made lots of sense. Allied with water/priestess, and with Fauna, animals thrive in the woods. The lovers makes a strange sort of sense too. If you’re the Empress, then you lie in wait. The twins send their carnates everywhere which the source twins could report back to the Empress. I’d think the Hanged man might be a good ally too, but it’s only cause of his cards picture. No telling what he could do. Sun would be a fabulous ally.

  18. Kim,

    It could be possible that the Chariot’s power is teleportation, but wouldn’t he have teleported somewhere near by? And as for the Sun, he could possibly be a good ally, but he also be like Tess Quin who has some of the best powers, but doesn’t know how to use it properly. The hanged man at this point is a complete wild card which is making me think that he might be the inactive card, especially since his card has one key factor that makes it different from the other cards, it’s upside down; he’s also “our Lord uncanny” and uncanny means strange or different. I wonder if anyone has considered that the cards have the powers of the gods they are based on. For instance, the Empress has control over plants and anything that roots which suggests that she was the Greek goddess, Demeter’s tribute. The Tower is Zeus’ tribute. Death is Hades’ tribute. The World is Gaea’s tribute. The Moon is Artemis’ tribute even though Selene was the actual Greek moon goddess and Artemis was the goddess of the hunt (which is why the moon is a huntress). The Sun would be Apollo’s tribute even though Helios was the actual Greek god of the Sun. The Emperor would be Vulcan’s tribute. The high priestess would be Poseidon’s tribute. The lovers are Aphrodite’s tributes. I would guess that the Chariot would be Ares’ tribute. As for the other cards, connections to the gods are not easily made. Also, who does the call “woe to the bloody vanquished” belong to?

    1. I think “Woe to the bloody vanquished” belongs to Sprite, #11 justice, she who harrows, who was taken out by Death. I don’t know if we’ll ever know this for sure until all the other players and calls are identified, but someone who is Just, would be likely to Vanquish, don’t you think?

  19. Have you all heard the Arcana news?? This was in my email this morning!!

    ““First off—deep breath—the TV & Motion Picture rights have been optioned by a major studio!”
    “Secondly, BOOK 4 (title to come) will release in the spring. You won’t believe what happens after Circe’s flood… . I’m delighted to announce that there will be a minimum of five installments in the Chronicles.”

    This totally made my week! My fingers are itching to write!
    I love your site by the way! It makes a great reference when I’m writing. :-)

    1. I saw that, and was really surprised. It would be a different take on the YA adaptations, which would be great.

  20. Does anyone think that the inactive card is different each game and is based off of which card the current game is dedicated to? For example the current game is dedicated to the Sun, so the Sun is the inactive card. If that theory is correct, that would mean that Jackson is possibly the Sun card. Anybody agree with this?

    1. I think either you are correct, and the hidden card is the tribute card, or the hidden card is always the Sun. Anyone notice that all the other cards are mature and Sun card is the only child in the group? Could be cause he always shows up last. Or it could just be that he was last in the previous game and someone new will be last this time.

  21. If the hidden card change at every game, they would explained it when speaking of Inactivated card, no? It is very strange we have so little informations on the Arcana…. since the game started, she spent a lot of time with Selena, Mat, Aric…. and so little is explained to her
    For the sun, it is an alternative. But where I am a bit reluctant is that this card is for me the most important of the game, and this would give Jack too much importance compared to Aric: the love triangle need to continue and they still both need equal change to maintain the ‘interest’ (although I do not imagine Jach not ending up with Evie, but….)

    1. Sayan,

      “If the hidden card changed every game, they would have mentioned it…”

      I would agree with you, except for who the speaker was. Aric gave some information, but he was brief. It’s possible he held that back because it wasn’t relevant to this game, or because he didn’t want to share more than the minimum, or it could be there wasn’t anything to hold back.

      It is strange we don’t know more, but then, I think our author loves her mysteries and cliffhangers. So, perhaps, not all that surprising, though very frustrating.

      I was nearly irate at the brief ending of DOW. There’s so much potential info to that last scene that we don’t have.
      I like greenthumbtarasova’s fanfic version.

    2. Sayan,

      Death didn’t specify that the inactive card was always the same either. He just said that there’s always one card that has to be activated. If it was always the same card, I’m pretty sure Death would know by now which one is the inactive card, considering he’s won 3 games and also studies the games, but he didn’t sound as if he knew exactly which card was the inactive one. On Jack being the Sun: As much as I don’t want to say this, maybe KC intended for Evie to end up with Jack because of this. However, Jack being the Sun wouldn’t mean that the love triangle suddenly stops. Evie would still feel attracted to Death, she would still want him to be happy and maybe she doesn’t even want Jack to be Arcana. Jack being Arcana could possibly have a negative effect on their relationship instead of on Evie’s relationship with Death.

  22. I agree with both of you.

    If the inactive card change (or not) does not impact that much the story….. May be it only might justify that things are hidden to Evie…. and Jack. I believe both Mat & Aric hide the story of past and present games; One additionnalelement of this theory is the ‘Romanish book of the lovers: only Aric can read it, not Evie and Jack….
    Mat, from my theory, manipulates everything (capture of Evie and I believe the last clifhanger). I correlate this with the ‘…do not hate me….’

    Hum, for the love triangle, I do not care so much between Aric or Jack. The only point is that Evie has to have a ‘credible’ rationale to justify her choice for picking up one of the two. I see only the ‘evolution’ of one of the 2 caracters to make her decision (positive evolution because, I do not believe KC will use ‘negative’ evolution). As from my theory, the sun card is the most important card, I feel this would be too much cheating in the Jack vs Aric, too much decisive and too much early….. but I might be wrong

  23. I am simply DYING for the next book to come out. I’m certain Jack is the inactive card, but which? I had him pegged for the Hanged Man – if he’s the Sun, I will lose my ever loving mind. And am I the only one here shipping HARD for Evie and Aric???

    1. I am almost done Dead of Winter, and I agree with you…Jack really does feel like the inactive card. I wonder, though, if Selena really did die and she was next to him, if he would get her icon and that would be what activated him. I figure the sun, and for some reason I think he can fly. Go figure.

      1. i think that since the emperor sent the lava, unless another killed her in the melee’, she would be a credit to the emperor.

  24. My guess is that Jack’s either the Chariot or the Hanged Man.

    My guess is the Hanged Man.

    It wasn’t until I read something on Goodreads, that I am settling more towards the Hanged Man. Not only is there a tree on the card, his cross looks a lot like the image of a cross, but according to this Goodreads member- if it can be verified- Wikipedia links a connection from the Hanged Man to the Empress. Or should I say as in the Empress’s CONSORT…

    Things that are interesting to note:

    Evie said she learned the language from her grandmother- who had many friends in the bayou. And… didn’t Jack say that his grandmother was thought to be a Medicine Woman? Matthew “Beware of the old bloodlines.” I would expect that the two knew each other at least – Small world KC… Also, “Immortals After Dark” series is also based in New Orleans…

    And Jack’s weird way to sooth over people’s emotions? Not wanting to bring “Twilight” in here but didn’t Jasper Hale have similar gifts like influence peoples emotions?

    Jack’s drinking could be a way to drowned out the voices. HE REALLY DRINKS A LOT.

    Death, if he believes that Jack is a mortal, could look at it this way: Jack is just a sliver of the now and The Empress and Death will always be forever. Or, he could allow his death to happen so that it would end this long depressing life and start a new at the next game. Didn’t he say that he was tired of that long ending (anti) life?

    I don’t really have a preference on who’ll she’ll be with… Just want to know what happens (in 10 books or less).

    1. Oh my gosh! I think I wrote that article on Goodreads that you mentioned! I wrote about my predictions for the next few books, and wrote why I’m hoping Jack is The Hanged Man and I did mention a Wikipedia source that had claimed The Hanged Man/Empress relationship

      1. It probably was your comment at Goodreads. I didn’t fact check it out about your thoughts on Jack being the Hangman. But, I do call that you did give a compelling argument for why you thought he was. So much that I staked my vote in with your lot… I am sure I made the right choice in staking my pride and reputation on it. I even have a hefty sum ridding on your prediction… I have absolute confidence you’re right on this.. No pressure..

        I do hope you get that I am joking about all that.

        No bet… Just me teasing.

        I blame it on the waiting game for the next book in the series to be release. I have a bad feeling I am going to be disappointed with Cole. I am assuming that Book four is going to come out sometime this summer (2016) as stated on her site. I’m worried that that is not going to be accurate. Her recent promoting of the Day Zero has also been set to release around that time and I am not really interested in every other cards moments before the flash. I want the meat and bones of this series and NO ONE CAN JUST LEAVE JACK DEAD AND GET A AWAY WITH IT… I have to know.

        That and I am finding it hard to find any good books on audio books any more. Need a zing… yeah know?

      2. From Kresley Cole’s newletter I received moments after commenting to you about this:



        THE PLAYER – The Game Maker Series, April 12
        DAY ZERO – An Arcana Chronicles Novella, August 1
        ARCANA CHRONICLES BOOK 4 – Summer 2016 (Title TBA)
        BLOOD RED KISS – Anthology with Gena Showalter and Larissa Ione, Sept 20
        ARCANA CHRONICLES BOOK 4 – Fall 2016 (Title TBA)
        SHADOW’S SEDUCTION – A Dacians/Immortals After Dark Novella, Feb 2017
        WICKED ABYSS – Immortals After Dark March 21, 2017

        I am not sure what is with the two dates for book 4… maybe paperback and ebook dates… Maybe the audible release date… Just know.

    1. Cozen,
      No, we don’t know what Death’s call is. Because of the debt/deal Matthew owes him, Death is “king of the airwaves”, with the ability to control, alter, and silence his call, and also speak directly to the arcana.

      However, I’m guessing it’s something like “Your Death awaits.” or maybe “Death comes for us all.” Lots of workable options, all suitably appropriate and morbid.

      About Jack, I think the drinking is to numb the emotional anguish of his numerous sacrifices. Since he does quiet the voices of other arcana and Matthew can’t “see” Jack, I think those oddities are signs of the hidden card.

      However, I very much like the Jack/hanged man/consort of the Empress idea.

      1. Thanks for that recall. I remember now something about that in the book but never digested it apparently. As for Death’s call, he does have one… I thought about it long and hard the other night. It’s…

        “Don’t touch the Empress, she’s mine.”

        Ha… ha… ha.. snicker.

      2. I got to say that Jack for sure is the hidde/dormant card. I’m pretty sure he is the sun card, which would explain Selena’s attraction to him because she is the moon… but also, if you remember, Jack would always say, “like a shadow” to Evie CONSTANTLY… I want to assume that is his call because the sun cast shadows, but I’m speculating…

  25. I am most positive that Jack is the sun card, being the inactive card. One reason being, there is no sun. With the lack of sun, Evie can’t be strong, which may indicate that Jack is needed…the sun card for her to be strong. Also if you remember, Jack would always tell Evie, “like a shadow” when she followed him, and as you know, sun casts shadows, so i think that would be his call. Another reason could be that selena always had an attraction towards Jack…she’s the moon…the sun and the moon anyone? “I got your six”? As soon as the sunsets, the moon shows up, which may indicate why selena always had Jacks back. At least im hoping…and speculating.

  26. So it came to me today, how Jack and Selena might have survived. It’s a long shot, but I figured I’d throw it out there and give some people some well needed hope.

    They were cloned before the twins died so their clones died and not them. Sure I know that if the originally Violet and Vincent died, their clones would, but that wouldn’t mean that the clones of the original Jack and Selena would die as well. The Original Jack and Selena were still alive so their clones survived.

    The Twins might have been experimenting with the idea of cloning others. More fun, torture, and stuff.

    It’s a long shot but hey, I thought I would figure something out to save them for everyone who has hoped for their survival.

    Me I don’t think Selena lives..

    I just wonder how Aric got to Evie so quick after the Emperor -you know.

  27. Next settlement is on the 15 of August….

    May be it is the start for ‘predictions’?


    – Selena died
    – Death & Evie will hunt the Emperor
    – Evie becomes te red sorceress, full of revenge
    – Jack reappears at the end of the book and kills the emperor
    – The reappariation of Jack allows Evie to come back to her original self

    – A new villan appears: The Sun, and he is accompanied by Mathew!
    – I expect Evie & Death to meet ‘Forutne”, and she joins the group

    – I am not sure when Jack becomes an arcana (with the death of Evie, or after killing the Emperor)

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