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This section focuses on Kresley Cole, best known for her Immortals After Dark series, but she has spun off into both historical romance, young adult paranormal, and contemporary series, as well.  Here, you can find the reading list for the series, along with  character guides for both the vast world of The Lore and the Arcana Chronicles.

Paranormal Romance Series:

Historical Romance Series:

Young Adult Fantasy Series:

Contemporary Romance Series:

23 thoughts on “Kresley Cole

    1. It is so hard to say. I know I still want Lothaire and Nixie, but some have been bringing up the idea of the Hag from Rydstrom’s book being the lucky gal. That sounds interesting, too, but I still don’t know who else other than Lothaire would be strong enough to tangle with Nix and come out on top.

  1. Hi Kaleigha!

    Just in case you don’t have it yet….

    From Kresley Cole on her official FB page as of 5/12/11:

    The cat’s out of the bag! Lothaire’s heroine is revealed. Her name is . . . Elizabeth Peirce, and she is the first mortal IAD protagonist, a character we’ve met before, not his original Bride, a being of untold power, and on death row. (And at least one of those statements is false) Which do you think are true? p.s. for those of you who’d wondered if his heroine would be Nix . . . I’ve had her hero picked out from the very beginning of this series (he’s the only one who can handle Nucking Futs). Lothaire and Nix have a surprising history though, and in the future, you’ll see why they could never be more than just friends/enemies :) As a matter of fact, several shocking secrets will be revealed in this book . . .

  2. Kresley announced today on FB that she will reveal the cover next week for Lothaire exclusively to people who “like” her FB page:-)

    1. Thanks Amber…Man, I guess I am going to have to get with the times and start hitting the Facebook thing. I have tried to avoid it till now, but looks like it is going to be the go to place now. Thanks again. Now I just have to figure out how to work the darn thing…

      1. I understand why you’d want to avoid it! Lol! Unfortunately, that seems to be the direction authors have gone for getting covers & info to their readers faster.
        On a side note, I’m not getting your responses by email like I used to. I have to go to your site to see responses even though I’m checking the “notify me” box…hmmm

      2. Hey Amber. Looks like wordpress played around with a lot of crap behind the scenes…all of the administration and dashboard stuff is just a bit different. Not sure what is going on, since it was normal when I left for work this morning. Might be something where you have to re-submit, or something. Not sure how most of this stuff works.

  3. Thanks Kaleigha…hopefully it will go back to normal soon or I can somehow figure out to fix my subscription to your postings. Just FYI Kresley will do the cover reveal on her FB page @ 9:00 AM (not sure what time zone) on Tuesday, the 24th:-) she says it’s her favorite cover!

  4. It is very funky…between that and the firefox update crap I did today, it feels like I am trying to fly the damn space shuttle rather than just browse the internet. Getting on the one last frayed nerve I still had today, too.

    Looking forward to Lothaire’s cover…that little snippet was just a tease. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I think Elizabeth could be Kristoff sister unless Emma has a cousin or sister. Lothaire can only take the crown with a mate of royal blood. I think Kristoff will be paired with Furie. Are Lothaire and Nix brother/sister? The plot thickens and January 10th is so far away.

    1. I think you are right about Furie and Kristoff, I think I heard that one before. You know, the idea of a blood relationship brother/sister dynamic for Lothaire and Nix would work, too. Can’t wait, either.

    1. I figured that it was Demestriu, rather than Lothaire, who had Furie imprisoned – that would be just a bit too evil for ole Lothaire to pull. Maybe he helps find her in the end, though.

    1. And you know Lothaire couldn’t have done anything too evil to Furie, since it would be difficult to redeem him as a hero if he had. Definitely very interesting.

  6. So excited for this!!! Just finished the 5 chapters at the end of The Warlord Wants Forever… ahh one more week:)

    So does anyone know who she is planning on writing about next….? I am disgustingly in need of knowing this… cant help it!

    1. I just the email that Lothaire is being sent out soon from the Book Depository, and it made my night.

      No clue at all who is next, but for some reason I think it might be Lanthe and Cronos. Of course, that could just be me totally wishing for it, but that is what I am betting on! I wonder if there will be a novella between Lothaire and Shadow’s Claim?

      1. I didn’t even know there was going to be a spin-off until I cam on your site (which I love by the way! You have ALL of my favorite series on here, it makes my life!!!) I doubt that there will be one in between the two just because its being released in the summer… Kresley would seriously have to killing herself to get all that done haha… unless you mean in the timeline of the books in which case I have no idea… But I agree Lanthe should be next!!! Although I wouldn’t mind some Uilleium (cant spell lol) he sounded like he found his lady… I want to know who she is! (by the way… your site has made me WAY to many books to my already to long reading list haha… this is a great site!)

      2. Thanks, Corie! I am always on the hunt for new info, so glad you get some use out of it.

        I think we definitely need Lanthe next – no way can we be left hanging after Cronos finally got his, er, claws into her. Wonder if she can command him to heal like she did for Sabine?

        Oh, god, the reading lists just get longer, and longer…

    1. Thanks, Corie…I am trying to read more, but I think the TBR pile is overwhelming me – either that or I am just a hoarder.

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